We’re all in this together

I sat down across from a gentleman at the phone charging station in the Dallas Airport. He immediately looked up at me with a cosmic grin and said, “whenever I smell that smell, it makes me think of Woodstock”…and he closed his eyes, smiling…and sniffed the air a few times. I smiled broadly and told […]

Your Winter First Aid Kit (Part 2)

Let me stress something that I only touched on in the first post…your immune system is your only healer. Nothing that you put in or on your body will heal you. And there is absolutely no magic pill. If you choose, you can gain much clarity around this in asking yourself “does ‘this’ support my […]

Your Winter First Aid Kit (Part 1)

Each and every one of us has the privilege and opportunity to take responsibility for our own health. Vaccines, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals…OMG, don’t get me started… Our original medicine came from Gaia. It has only been within the last 100 years in Western culture that many have chosen to choose to trust the laboratory concoctions of […]

Raw emotion

For those of you that don’t know me personally, along with medicinal aromatherapy, I am a graphic designer and own the graphic design studio: studiokerr.com. Yesterday, wearing a pink mohawk, I gave a talk to a group of business owners on ‘the potency of visual communication’… First intention: highlight awareness of connecting the dots between […]

Oil the Grind

Upcoming Event: A multidimensional journey exploring Respiratory Wellness on August 29 in Flagstaff, AZ. I was sitting at a stoplight Thursday afternoon and a woman in her 30s came dancing (literally) across the crosswalk singing and laughing to herself…seemingly oblivious to anything but her joy. ‘My Brain’ says, “OMG, is that woman sane? Is she […]

Navigating the Change

It is undeniable that massive change is happening on Gaia right now and we are all feeling it. Maybe you’ve been diligently doing your inner work…maybe you’ve just been doing your best to get out of bed every morning…maybe you’re somewhere in the middle. Gaia is conscious and she is upping her frequency. Are we […]